TAIKI’s Expertise

We are the food dryer industry leader(*1)

For over 70 years since its establishment, as a specialized manufacturer of dryers, we have developed and sold various dryers. To date, cumulative shipments have exceeded 200,000 products. In particular, the industry’s first electric dryer developed in 2008 gained the top share in Japan and is now the main product of the food dryer series. *1 Bibliography: Fuji Keizai (2016). Food value chain kanren shizyou no genzyou to syourai tenbou 2017. Tokyo: Fuji Keizai.

  • 会社外観(看板)
    Company Exterior
  • 電気乾燥機 プチミニⅡ(果物入)
    Electric Dryer Petit Mini Ⅱ

Dryer can dry in a short time while maintaining the color of the material

It can be dried by sun drying, but it takes time, deteriorates, and the color of the dried product deteriorates. If you use our dryer, you can dry quickly while keeping the color of the material.

  • 設計風景
  • アメリカ設置風景
    Installation (US)

Propose Japan’s first electric dryer

We commercialized the first shelf-type electric dryer in Japan. The product lineup is also the best in Japan. Unlike kerosene dryers, electric dryer is characterized by low running costs, no CO2 emissions, they are friendly to the earth, and have few failures.

  • 製造(溶接)
    Manufacturing (Welding)
  • 製造(組立)

High quality products of all models made in Japan

We have an in-house integrated production system from sheet metal processing to welding, painting, and assembly processes. All models are made in Japan and high quality.

  • 展示会風景
  • 食品乾燥機設置風景
    Installation (JP)