Diesel dryer TB-60 F / ADFP


Largest air volume in the industry. Drying is determined by temperature and air volume.

Processing volume
When drying on 30 resin trays, it is possible to process 360-420kg shiitake mushrooms and 6,000 pieces with persimmons.
Circulating indirect hot air drying
Clean hot air heated near the special furnace is sent to the drying room for drying. The standard heat source is an oil burner, and other gas / steam boilers / electric types are also available.
The main body uses bimetal to prevent overheating and shuts off the burner solenoid valve when it reaches 130℃ near the main body. Burner burns safely with flame detection CDS and protection relay control. The control version has double temperature control. Safety is ensured by double monitoring.
Outdoor exhaust
Improves drying efficiency by discharging moist air during drying to the outside.
Foreign matter countermeasures
Everything to dry food is shrimp shelf angle, door cover etc.
Outdoor exhaust
By keeping the moisture exhausted from the dryer room outdoors, the room where the dryer is installed is kept clean and dry.
3-stage airflow adjastment
By switching the amount of warm air, the quality can be finished in a short time. There is also a fuel saving effect.
Urethane insulation panel
The sandwich panel of double-sided color steel sheet sandwiched with urethane insulation material provides excellent heat insulation and durability. Polyurethane foam has a collection of small bubbles. Each of these small hard bubbles is an independent bubble, and the inside of urethane has a structure that prevents heat from conducting.
Oil burner
High-performance and safe burner with control relay, CDS (flame detection sensor), ignition transformer, electromagnetic pump, and blower motor. Pressure is applied by an electromagnetic pump, and vaporized fuel is ignited through a nozzle. At this time, appropriate air is sent forward by the blower motor. There are two types of burners: kerosene, diesel and a heavy oil specifications.
Resin tray
A container for placing dried products. The bottom is mesh. Size 600× 1200×30mm, made of resin (PP). In addition, it has a mesh structure that minimizes the contact area between resin and dry matter. The heat-resistant temperature is 70℃.
Digital standard
The thermistor sensor's built-in digital temperature control turns the burner on and off faithfully to the set temperature. The temperature and drying time are displayed separately on the digital display. In addition, a high-function control panel with added safety device function (double sensor) is installed.
*The air volume switching function is only available on 60F and 30F.
Fully automatic digital
The thermistor sensor's built-in digital temperature control turns the burner on and off faithfully to the set temperature. Temperature adjustment can be set in 5 stages, and the temperature is automatically changed over time. The exhaust damper (optional) is a control panel that can be automatically controlled from fully open to fully closed.
*Automatic air volume change damper is optional.
Automatic damper
Intake and discharge (moist air) to the dryer body is automatically controlled. Control from fully open to fully closed automatically according to time.

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Heat source change: gas burner
Gas burner with dozens of safety measures using LPG / city gas burner.
Heat source change: steam boiler
When a steam boiler is already installed, additional piping is used for the plate fin heater of our dryer to use steam heat. Unlike an oil burner, it is a cleaner heat source because there is no need to smoke.
Heat source change / power heater
A dryer that uses an electric heater as the heat source. A three-phase 200V power supply, unlike running oil, has a stable running cost. Unlike an oil burner, it is a cleaner heat source because there is no smoke.
Specification modified to a cart that can move 30 drying trays at a time. You can work efficiently. The material can be selected from zinc plating, SUS304, and SUS430.
Stainless steel body
It is possible to adopt a stainless steel specification both the full body or only for the drying room. SUS304 / SUS430 can be selected.
Stainless steel tray
A tray for placing dried products. The bottom is mesh. There are two types of material: stainless steel SUS304 and SUS430.
Size: 590 x 590 x 40(mm)
Special air volume
The amount of warm air can be changed by changing the blower.

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Type list

F type Digital temperature control
Manual control exhaust damper
Automatic; 5 pattern drying program 5 step temperature control with timer
Automatic exhaust damper
5 pattern drying program

Specification table

Model name TB-60-F TB-60-ADFP
Tray 60 rasin trays
Tray size (mm) 600×1200 depth 30
Power supply Single-phase 100V outlet capacity 15A
Power consumption 50/60Hz 1005/1118W 1075/1188W
Nozzle (G: Gallon) 2.0
Heat source Kerosene, diesel or heavy oil
*Gas, steam and electricity are available as options
Blower Voltage ventilation fan 50cm 750W
Control pannel <Display> Digital
Control pannel
<Temperature controller>
Control pannel <Timer>
Control pannel
<Airflow adjustment>
Strong / Medium / Weak
Operation box
<Auxiliary temperature control>
5 steps temperature rising
5 pattern program
Operation box
<Auxiliary temperature control>
Intake and exhaust Manual AUTO
Drying chamber material Urethane insulation panel
Chimney diameter (mm) 150φ
Oil tank 90ℓ
Drying method Circulating box type
Drying capacity (kg) 240 - 420

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